The Cypress Equities brand was first conceived in 1995 and launched as a suite of companies serving as development affiliates of The Staubach Company. Today, there are six Cypress Equities offices throughout the US, including Dallas (headquarters), New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta and Fort Lauderdale. Over the course of 17 years, Cypress Equities companies have been actively involved in both fee-based activities and principal investments, valued at more than $2.6 billion, including nearly $500 million of total invested equity. The portfolio of projects consists primarily of commercial development, investment, and sale-leaseback transactions, including more than 10 million square feet of retail, office, residential, automotive and industrial real estate. As SRS' sister company, Cypress is leveraged for our Development, Investment and Management Services, most often in partnership with SRS or through a direct to client arrangement.


 Cresa is an international corporate real estate firm that exclusively represents office and industrial tenants and much like SRS, specializes in the delivery of fully integrated real estate services. Our exclusive alliance with Cresa gives our retailer clients a seamless offering and trusted partner for their office and industrial real estate needs. Additionally, Cresa's office and industrial clients benefit from SRS' expertise when retail real estate needs arise.



 Quality Project Management offers scalable, flexible and affordable project management solutions for retailers across all 50 states. SRS teams with QPM for project management solutions most often in a prime contractor relationship model.


 FacilitySource provides a managed service model that enables customers to optimize their facility maintenance process. SRS teams with FacilitySource for facility maintenance optimization most often in a prime contractor relationship model.